In honor of Steph Pusateri:

In honor of Steph Pusateri & her 4 organ donors

by Felix Narog

In memory of Amy Dawn Bane-Reed:

I really am not sure how this works but I will give it my best shot. I never thought in a million years that I would have to use the living will I had been carrying around in my purse since 2011. But the day did come that I had to "let go" of my one and only sibling and baby sister. I never thought that myself and her son would be standing in a hospital room for a week watching her take her last breaths, but the time did come. And no we neither one were truly prepared. I sincerely think my nephew handled saying good-bye well to be so young. I come from a strong family and I had my faith. Don't get me wrong it was tough, especially since my sister had not told my mom her wishes. I guess she left it to me because I would see that she would go on and help someone else have a future. She knew of transplants due to her husband's first cousin receiving a pancreas and liver. He has diabetes and had been having complications that put him on a transplant list. So I think it was an easy decision for her. It just was not so easy for us. Many tears were shed in the hospital, many sleepless nights and sometimes I just wanted to breath for her so much. I knew that it was time to "Let go". So with a heavy heart I followed her into the elevator and said 'Good-Bye" alone that day. Drove two hours home, crying all the way. Do I ever regret following her wishes no, do I miss her, yes. Do I know that she helped someone else, yes. Am I glad to help Mid South Transplant Foundation now, most definitely. I encourage anyone and everyone to consider donating. I know that you as family may be distraught in those moments but it sincerely helps to know that you have helped another family and fellow human being live a full healthier life.

by Melissa Bane

In memory of Todd Hatfield:

In honor of Todd Hatfield and Jim (James) Hodges

by Kevin Hatfield

In memory of Nick Owens:

I miss you so much, Nick! But your memory will live on through us forever!

by Tabitha Slone

In honor of Tony Leonard:

Tony Leonard Your mission in life was as a lifeguard and knowing you’ve since continued that mission is one of the only things that makes sense to me!! Love and miss you every second, Mom 💙 Donate Life America National Organ Donor Day

by Cathy Leonard

In honor of Jeanmarie Roche Hoover:

A little over two years ago you gave me the gift of life once again. Thank you for your kidney and your unconditional love. You, Dad, and Josie are so awesome and I am so grateful for your love and support. This kidney and I will have a great time going through college and beyond.

by Wyatt Hoover

In memory of Jerry Horrocks:

Remembering my sweet husband who put up a good fight. I’ll spend my life encouraging people to donate so that others don’t have to suffer like you did. I love you forever and a day.

by Debbie

In memory of Barbara Musco:

In memory of our friend, Barbara Musco, who fought as a great warrior in the battle against Scleroderma.

by Suzanne & Kevin Ryan

In honor of Lilly Smartelli:

From living kidney donor, to dog wedding planner and author, Lilly's an inspiration on how to live life to the fullest, and how to give back as you go. Congratulations, Lilly, and may you and Bernie enjoy the love forever and ever. Thanks for sharing your story!

by Lisa Spain

In honor of Lilly Smartelli:

Thank you, Lilly, for an incredible lesson in kindness and empathy! May your wedding to Bernie be a day of much joy! Lives will be saved because of you; there are not enough words to thank you.

by Renee Stanley

In honor of Donna Slaton:

Grateful for the liver transplant my friend Donna Finch Slaton recently received at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY and how well she's doing.

by Suzy Heilman

In memory of Michael Dean Padian:

Mike was an extraordinary human being, intelligent, kind, fun-loving and with abundant talent. Because of his donor, he was given extra time to live in the beauties of this earth and share its glory through his art to so many of us. Our family will miss him and cherish him.

by Virginia Gray (Ginger)

In memory of Carolyn Johnson:

She gave the ultimate gift so others could live. Thank you for your gifts and your beautiful soul.

by Kelly Brenno Carpetner

In memory of Kory Jones:

Kory with a "K", may your love kindness, joy and love live on forever! You are dearly missed.

by Dana, Anna & Kirbie

In honor of Steven A Hicks:

My father is in desperate need of a new heart. He was recently implanted with an LVAD as a bridge to hopefully carry him through the waiting period while we pray for this precious gift. Our family, friends, and community have supported us in this more than we could ever imagine with their prayers, assistance, and hard-earned dollars. They have taught me to be a more generous giver and I want to support others who are on this same uncertain journey.

by Alan Hicks

In honor of Steve Roach:

In Honor of my brother Steve Roach, I would like to thank the family of the donor who gave my brother life through a lung transplant. He is a wonderful, sweet Husband, Son, Brother, Father and the role he enjoys most, Papa. He is doing well and I encourage everyone to register as an Organ Donor. Thank you for Life!

by Brenda Nicholson

In honor of Jeff Handwerk:

Our paths never crossed but our lives will always be connected. We never spoke but I hear you every day, beating in my chest. Forever in your debt for the most precious gift, the gift of life.

by Tina Medina

In memory of Tony Brown:

Tony, As with most things you did in life, your decision to be an organ and tissue donor makes us very proud. While you certainly never expected to be a donor so soon, you made a selfless decision to help others live even though your life was being cut short. This is the kind of young man that you were and we are so proud that you were our son. Words can not express how much we miss you and all the things we are going to miss doing with you, but your decision is allowing other families to experience what we can not. We can not think of a better legacy to reflect your life. Love Always, Mom and Dad.

by Jim and Jeannette Brown

In memory of Paul Kirdahy:

Sorry to see you go, and so soon. The world will miss you!

by David Kirdahy

In memory of Scott Young:

In memory of Coach Scott Young

by Mark