Donate Life America Tribute Wall

Honor your loved one by posting a message on the Donate Life America Tribute Wall. To post a message, make a contribution of any size today. Click here for more information.

In memory of Emily Bonnano:

Emily fly high with those angel wings, they will help carry that watermelon.

by Jen Watkins

In honor of Emily Gorsky - Bonanno:

In loving memory of Emily.

by Sander Mechanical Service

In honor of Nancy Hartley:

In loving memory of Nancy, who I miss.

by Jenny from Canada

In memory of Aubrey Lovely Vilar:

My Angel & Savior!!!

by Ravi Panicker

In memory of Madeline Leff:

42 years ago today was our first date, I have loved you since. I love you still. I miss you.

by Neil Leff

In memory of My brother:

Si Deus pro Nobis, Quis contra Nos?

by Kujtim Shala

In honor of David James Buckenberger:

Our thoughts are with the Buckenberger family. Your friends, Forough and Peter Thomas

by Forough Ghahramani

In memory of Kelly Brown:

We love you Kelly!

by Uncle Joe

In honor of David James Buckenberger:

May your courageous memory and loving spirit be forever present in the lives of those you touched.

by Forough Ghahramani and Peter Thomas

In memory of Michael Lucas:

With our deepest sympathies.

by Staff of the Archives and Library

In memory of Reverend Thomas Papinchak:

We hope this donation will help contribute as much light to someone else's life as you gave to ours. May angels lead you in. <3

by The Lapinskys

In memory of Mark Miller:

We miss you old friend, how quickly this first trip around the sun went by...know that your legacy lives on through the stories and memories of fun adventures together, and of course through the two beautiful humans you and Linda created. Wherever you may be, Fins Up!!

by Andrew & Linda Langlais

In memory of Aaron:

A monetary donation has been made in loving memory of Aaron "AC" Brooks. His caring spirit and concern for the well-being of others is evident in his willingness to participate in Donate Life's life-saving transplant program and his passing has touched many lives as a result. AC's friends and loved ones continue to participate in the yearly weight loss competition that AC started as an opportunity to promote what he called "orbit reduction". It's the 5th Annual Competition and as a facet of the competition, a portion of the winnings is given to Donate Life so that AC's legacy may live on. We miss you and love you always. -Orbit Reduction Competitors and Old Library Crew

by Stephanie Hebert

In memory of Avery Straughter:

Love and miss you. You are in our hearts forever. Your donations helped many others

by Grandma

In memory of Chris Lenzen:

Happy birthday, Chris. I miss you so much. You were a light to everyone you met and even those you didn't through your selfless donation of life. I love you forever...

by Olivia

In memory of Michael German:

Today I remember my dad on the 18th anniversary of his heart transplant. He passed last August but the 17 years of memories we made with him is a debt I can never repay to the donor and his family. Thank you for the most amazing gift we have ever received….the gift of life

by Jennifer Hobin

In memory of Joe Weathington:

In memory of this gentle giant.

by Ariane A. Weldon

In memory of Daniel Charland:

May Dan rest easy knowing the love of many, and the gift of his extended life through organ donation. May peace be with him and his family.

by Kim Law & Family

In memory of Brandon Pentz:

Today we remember Brandon's 40th birthday and the incredible impact he has had on so many! Love you Pentz family!

by The Russell Family

In memory of Richard Eubanks:

Our love & deepest sympathy to Richard's family

by Christy Margiotta

In memory of Steve Ochoa:

Fondly remembered for leading a humble, courageous, optimistic and cheerful life.

by Bruce and Teresa Boynton

In honor of Willie Mae:

With our deepest condolences

by Anonymous

In honor of Jamie Cooper:

Rest In Peace Jamie. I did not know you, but your sister is a beautiful soul and I respect and admire her. I have no words to comfort her so hopefully this will give her some ounce of peace.

by Dana

In memory of Hardeep “H” Ghataora:

Your laughter brought smiles. Your friendship brought great joy. You will be missed. Have a beautiful reunion on your continued journey with loved ones… N

by Nancy & Bill Ratliff

In memory of Janet Gibson:

Janet was a two-time organ donor recipient. She loved life and was always grateful for her kidney and heart. She never took these donations for granted. She was always an optimist and had a smile to share. She helped others through the Methodist Stephen Ministries, always thinking of others. I loved her like a sister and forever miss her.

by Pamela Putnam

In memory of LuAnne Baker:

What an example you gave us in your persevering spirit and love of family. You showed us how to ride through tough times and come out with a positive attitude. And the aura of love that always surrounded you and John will not be forgotten. You both showed us what it means to stand by and love each other through thick and thin. Thank you for sharing that love with your Texas cousins! Jerry & Pam Jones

by Jerry & Pam Jones

In memory of Janet Gibson:

In honor of Janet Gibson, a lovely, joyful soul. She loved and was loved well.

by The Meers Family

In honor of Eddie Connell III:

Honoring Eddie Connell III - a generous, kind, funny and smart business associate. Sending prayers and warm condolences to his family and friends. Tom

by Tom Hornung

In memory of LuAnne Baker:

In honor of the strongest person I have ever known, but also in honor of the person who gave us the gift of 11 more years with her after a heart/double lung transplant. I love you, Mombo, and I miss you terribly.

by Dani Williams

In memory of Cody Allen Baer:

In loving memory of our nephew and godson who helped so many people with his gifts of organs and tissues. We love and miss him so very much.

by Deb and Ramon Martinez

In memory of Robert Bodle:

We hope this donation will affect lives far and wide just as Robert Bodle did. Our deepest condolences and sympathy for your loss.

by VFL Family and Friends

In honor of Kent Botkin:

Kent Botkin has been a great teacher and leader throughout my residency training in Solid Organ Transplant pharmacy - Thanks Kent for all you do!

by Julie Hubbard

In honor of Nicole Nesselhauf:

Nicole has supported me through my residency training in Solid Organ Transplant this year. I am greatly appreciative of her commitment to the field of Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacy and education

by Julie Hubbard

In memory of Flinnoy Hopton:

In loving memory of Flinnoy Hopton Jr. Rest in Paradise!

by Charlene Cousar

In memory of Kirby Byrd:

Kirby was loved by so many people and had an impact on those she met. She was a beautiful person inside and out. The world is a darker place without her.

by Nikki Bradley

In memory of Howard Romanoff:

My deep condolences for the loss of your Howard. Sending you all my sincere best wishes and thoughts, Samantha

by Samantha Sandbrook

In honor of Brandon Rodman:

Happy Birthday B! We love you! XOXO

by Elle & Luna

In memory of Sheryl Duckwall:

In memory of my mom. I am proud of you for being a tissue donor and helping others even after you were gone.

by Amanda Barnard

In memory of Easton Bloom:

RIP little one.

by Jeremy St. Pierre

In honor of Albert Suarez:

We love you Papa Al!!!!

by Beth Garcia

In memory of Mari Pat Ochs:

In memory of my sister Mari Pat. I miss you every day 🦋💙💚

by Rae

In memory of Nicholas Han:

To all who live do to transplant surgery, or have lost someone and made it possible for another to live, you are AWESOME! Being a heart recipient I find myself often touching my chest and speaking to my donor. Stay safe everyone...

by Eugene Green III

In memory of George Duncan:

In memory of my father I want everyone to donate

by Linda Duncan

In memory of William Mariano:

Rest In Eternal Peace.

by Ariane Mariano

In memory of Anne-Marie Scroger:

With are deepest sympathy

by The Stahl's

In memory of Dr. David Super:

In memory of a truly caring person.

by Gretchen Davis

In memory of Donna Ann Sickler:

In memory of a wonderful friend, talented mentor and fierce advocate for organ donation. May she rest peacefully in heaven.

by Barbara Folger

In memory of Dr. David Super:

Dr. Super was my beloved OBGYN. He brought my first baby safely into the world. He was there for me at my 10 week appointment when my second baby didn't have a heartbeat. His compassion and grace in that moment will never be forgotten. Though he couldn't deliver my last baby, he was there through my pregnancy ensuring we both made it safely to term. Dr. Super was kind, gentle, warm, professional, and brilliant. To know him was to love him. He was truly a light, that brightened every space he entered. He will be sorely missed. May his light live on in our world.

by Alyssa Wolf

In memory of Emily Gokey:

Rest easy, Emily. I will forever be amazed by your courage, strength and fierce determination to overcome everything life threw your way.

by Shannon Piper

In memory of Sherry Mueller:

In memory of Sherry Mueller. Prayers for her family.

by Jube & Kathy

In memory of Steven Crawford:

Remembering your perseverance in the battle for life.

by Gary and Melissa Clay

In memory of George Romano:

May George J. Romano's memory live on in the life of others! We are so thankful for all his contributions at Trumbull High School.

by Trumbull High Business Education Department & THS DECA

In honor of Tricia Hinaman:

God bless Trish for her kindness and generosity to others. Thank you for all the wonderful things you did for the children of Camp Good Days and Special Times. We will forever miss your smiling face along with your willingness to do whatever it took to help others. I'm sure you'll see all the children you helped in heaven.

by Dave Pietrowski

In memory of Tricia Hinaman:

RIP friend, soar with the angels

by Jean Fial

In memory of Tricia Hinaman:

In memory of a beautiful woman who brings memories of my childhood, who raised two amazing kids and was always so kind. Rest In Peace <3

by Jackie Coe

In memory of Henry Finelli:

In loving memory from your extended family.

by The Channel Company

In honor of Cindy Olson:

Cindy, today and everyday we are so grateful for your selfless gift of life. February 19, 2022 is the 3 year kidney-versary for Madison. We love you. Jomarie and family

by Zahren-Dorsett Family

In memory of Roger R Smith:

Roger R. Smith was a wonderful man loved by friends and family.

by Michelle

In memory of Larry H. Crawford:

In memory of Larry H. Crawford and in love for Kiesha D. Crawford.

by Amy Mistarz

In memory of Larry H. Crawford:

Kiesha, may this donation remind you of our thoughts and prayers. Love, Reggie & Reva

by Reggie & Reva Ware

In memory of Daniel Stockdreher:

I am very sorry for the family's loss. Sending thoughts and Prayers. I know Dan and his efforts in organ donation will be greatly missed.

by Paul Miller

In memory of Daniel D. Stockdreher:

With gratitude for your many years of service and contribution to the field of organ donation and transplantation. You will be greatly missed.

by Deirdre McAdams

In memory of Brian Beigert:

Our prayers to Brian's family.

by The Challandes family

In memory of Chelsey Renee:

I love you to the moon and back. You’re my hero and my greatest gift. Love Mama

by Trisha

In memory of Sophia Torrance:

My 8 year old cousin Sophia died tragically after being hit by a car. Her parents made the brave decision to donate her organs. With the help of Donate Life America they did just that and now three young people are alive and well. Thank you Sophia. In death you provided life. Sophia Saved Lives.

by Ryan Anderson




In memory of Cheryl Tepp:

We will greatly miss your compassionate care you provided to patients at Western Wisconsin Health.

by Western Wisconsin Health

In memory of Steve Muenchow:

"In honor and memory of our dad, Steve. He was a two-time kidney transplant recipient, a passionate advocate for the cause, a loving husband and the very best father. We love you and miss you every day. Everything we do is for YOU."

by Live.Love.Donate. Inc

In memory of Alex Coe:

At age 16, Alex made the decision to be an organ donor... a decision that saved my life.

by John Sperzel

In honor of Scotty Michael Smith:

Miss you oodles of noodles!!

by Ruth Ann & David Strunk

In memory of Rob Ogden:

After thirteen years we still miss you, but share your story to inspire others to register as donors! Love you big guy!

by Debbie Ogden

In memory of Alie Hamilton:

Thank you Alie for being an amazing friend for so many years. You were always so kind and helpful to those around you. I love you always

by Deanna Rosencrantz

In memory of Katie Zupkoff:

Remembering you for your generosity and self-assurance. With all the love that I possess, MZ.

by Marilyn Zupkoff

In memory of Matt Hagar:

In Memory of my "Baby Boy" who is the bravest and most giving human I have ever met. After his journey of two liver transplants within three months, Matt lived an additional 18 months where he married and had a baby boy to join his daughter (age 11) and stepbrother (age 8). His battle ended in August of 2021 and in death he gave connective tissue, skin, corneas and his heart valves to those in need. I will love and miss him forever.... Matt's Mom

by Debbie Hagar

In honor of Michael and Tara Ingham:

In honor of Michael and Tara Ingham. Merry Christmas!

by Lori & Michael Jacobsen

In memory of Johnston Walker:

For every second of the last 14 years, THANK YOU, sweet angel.

by Keegan Harrison

In memory of Morgan Pritchard:

Morgan was such a bright light in this world and I’m so happy she was able to save some lives when she lost her own. Thank you to Donate Life America for making this happen ❤️ Happy holidays

by Danielle Jacques

In memory of Cedar Mae Richard:

In memory of our precious daughter Cedar Mae Richard. She passed away 2/20/2011 at the age of 14. We love and miss you so much Love, mommy and daddy 3>

by Mike and Terri Richard

In honor of My donor:

Thank you for the gift of life 11/11/2011. Although I have never heard back from your family you are all in my thoughts and prayers every day. God bless you all. Forever thankful.

by Mary Kay Grosskopf

In memory of Michael D. Tubbs:

I can't believe 8 years have passed, 8 Christmases, 8 birthdays, 8 new years . . . since we saw you, touched you, and laughed with you. It hasn't gotten easier missing you, but the tears are fewer and farther between. You were so loved, a wonderful father, brother and son. You may be gone, but you will NEVER be forgotten. We love you and miss you dearly.

by Kathleen

In memory of Segismondo Robles:

In memory of Seg Robles

by The Fenner’s

In honor of Gayle Graves:

Gayle you will be missed by so many. You have and continue to impact so many in an incredible way. Our condolences to your husband, family, and friends. Love, Keith and Amy.

by Keith and Amy Lewis

In honor of Papa Al:

Donate Life!

by Beth

In memory of Chelsey Pich:

You’re my hero. I love you to the moon and back! Love you Baby girl ! Mama

by Trisha

In memory of Sarah Renz:

Sarah had a beautiful soul and cared so deeply for the patients she served. We will continue her legacy through our work at Children's Mercy in remembrance of her.

by Children's Mercy Nephrology

In memory of Stephen Jones:

With our love and deepest sympathy as we honor Stephen "Fudd" Jones


In memory of Bryan Jon Miller:

Remembering Bryan Miller for his extraordinary spirit and joy in life.

by Louis Brown

In memory of Chance Jackson:

You touched the lives of SO many with your beautiful heart. Your legacy lives on. I carry your heart in my heart, baby boy. There is no where I go where you are not with me. Chance, we will always celebrate you.

by Abby Torres

In memory of Robert Lacouture:

To honor your generous spirit.

by Lacouture Family

In memory of Madie Nicpon:

We are so fortunate to have called Madie our friend and will miss her dearly. #2 will remain forever in our hearts.

by Tufts Football Junior Class

In honor of Leonard Morgese:

In memoriam to Leonard Morgese. Although he will be dearly missed he is a wonderful tribute to the success of organ donation!

by Jason Ack

In memory of Colleen Gleason:

In memory of my brave, selfless, and caring daughter. We are forever grateful for the 27 years Donate Life gave us. We were so blessed with the gift of life.

by Christine Gleason

In memory of Unknown Donor:

We don't know your name, but you will never be forgotten and a part of you lives on in our daughter. Thank you for her second chance.

by Lee & Mary Brantley Nalley

In memory of Scottie Smith:

Scottie believed in helping others and was very passionate about organ donation and on his last day, he himself became a donor. Scottie had a light so bright that it will never dim, although he left a lot of broken hearts when he went to heaven. Please honor his memory by registering.

by Sonja Smith

In memory of Unknown Donor:

We may never know your name, but because your generosity you will be a part of us forever.

by John Pinkard

In memory of Chantal Haskew:

Dear Chantal, You are an extraordinary human being. Your love of life and family gave you strength. Your appreciation and gratitude for every day inspires us to do the same. Rest in peace, dear cousin.

by Elaine and Kevin Frawley

In memory of John Gruber:

Uncle John was like a second father to me and my cousins. He always looked after us even when he was ill. Thanks to 2 organ donations we got more time with him that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. He handed over control of our annual football pool to me (something I took as a high compliment) and this year I decided to use our collective power to raise money to support this cause.

by Erik Gruber

In memory of Tom Swider:

In memory of his unselfish gifts to others

by The Imbrigiottas

In memory of Judith Ann Peppe:

To my sister who was the most generous and giving person. I miss you already but know you are in a better place. Til’ we see each other again… Love always, Joanne

by Joanne Gumpert

In memory of Richard Ludman:

In thanksgiving for Richard’s 19 happy years with family & friends. Those years would not have been possible without the generous anonymous donation of a heart in 2001. We are forever thankful. ❤️❤️❤️

by Marilyn Ludman

In memory of Teresa Faulkner:

Love you guys......

by Debbie Pressley

In honor of Anthony Smith:

Hi my name is Christopher I donated money in my in my big brother's name because I look up to him thank you

by Christopher Howell

In memory of Pam Haycraft:

May the memory of this tremendous mother and human live on through the beautiful children she raised during her exceptional life.

by Brynn, Sharad & Finn

In honor of Addison Bell:

In honor of my cousin Addison Ace Bell. May your laughter, love and memory live on.

by Alison Weiss

In memory of Richard Ludman:

We are so grateful that Richard was able to thrive for 19 more years with our family because a caring person gave him a new heart in 2001❤️

by Marilyn

In memory of Amy Reese:

To the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for. You lived life unselfishly and to the fullest! You will be forever in my heart and I will miss you!

by Andrea

In memory of Richard Ludman:

In memory of Richard Ludman and the heart donor who gave Dick an additional 19 years with his beloved wife and children!

by Amy Gale

In memory of Nancey Schortgen:

In memory of Nancey Schortgen, a Principal & friend who touched each of our lives in a special way!

by LHS Class of 2002

In memory of Aimee:

Remembering and honoring Aimee for all her strength and love <3

by Meredith Sherwood

In honor of :

In memory of a wonderful man who got an extra 3 years due to the generosity of his sister with her living kidney donation.

by Joan Heath

In honor of :

In loving memory to one of the kindest and generous Souls this world has ever known. You are missed so much but you live on not just in the memories of those you loved you during your short life but in the organs and tissue others have received as a result of your selfless nature. Love you always -Dad

by Keith Johnson

In memory of Elizabeth Chan:

In memory of Elizabeth Chan, a very courageous and loving women. May the Perpetual Light shine upon her. May she Rest In Peace.

by Tim and Judy Vissman

In memory of Alex:

Alex, remembering you on your birthday and always. Love you

by Micki Rosauer

In honor of :

May everyone who is fighting fight as hard as my uncle did.

by Nina Lasaga

In honor of :

Fond memories of a wonderful colleague whose leadership and expertise influenced many.

by Cassandra & Suzanne

In honor of :

I’m thankful for the organ donors and their families. Without them Amy's life would have been much shorter. Thank you for the extra years of life she was given.

by Trent Oestreich

In honor of :

Amy was an inspiration to all who knew her. Hugs and prayers to her family.

by Ron and Donna Toman

In honor of :

May you live on in the hearts and memories of your friends and family.

by Friends of Wes Hogan

In honor of :

We love and miss you but know that you live on in the lives of many. So glad your beautiful skin and strong healthy bones made a difference to many. Love, Grandma

by Straughter

In memory of Jaxon:

Dear Jaxon, You touched the lives of so many in your short time on earth with your fun, loving, adventurous little spirit. In donating your organs, that same spirit will live on to touch the lives of those who are loved by the one who received them.

by The Jepson Family

In memory of Mr. Charles Lishnoff:

In Loving Memory of Mr. Charles Lishnoff- "Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories." "When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know."

by Sheanni Walker & Family

In memory of Charles:

Rest in Peace Charles. Thank you for your friendship, support, music and love.

by Marie Kutch

In memory of Pat:

In Honor of Pat who was given a second chance at life after receiving her transplant in 2002. She was the founder of our company along with her husband and has been a true inspiration to all of us. She was also a part of our family and made a huge impact on all of our lives, including our children. She always had the warmest smile and the best stories of her life & travels. We will miss her dearly and appreciate all the work she did to promote Donate Life.

by TOTAL PC (Kevin & Jennifer Hammond)

In memory of Nashville:

In memory of my donor who I will call Nashville. It's been 10 years since my double lung transplant. Praise God! Still working!

by Anonymous

In memory of Daniel Reynolds:

In memory of Daniel Reynolds. May you Rest In Peace. Peace and love to your family.

by Melissa Kent

In honor of :



In honor of :

Love and miss you. You touched so many lives. Forever 17.

by Grandma

In memory of Jessica Thomas:

In memory of Jessica Thomas. Thank you Ed Thomas for supporting your cousin's fight. Thank you for educating us on this cause and how we can help. Best, Super Soccer Stars team

by Adam Geisler

In memory of Kathleen Elizabeth May:

In memory of Kathleen Elizabeth May. All of us at Noble Gas Solutions express our deepest sympathy to her son Will May and his entire family.

by Noble Gas Solutions, Inc.

In honor of :

Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.

by Rick's Friends at GWS

In memory of Ellen Vicinus:

In loving memory of Ellen Vicinus, who was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed.

by Britt and Debbie Briatico

In honor of :

Best memories, Thanks!

by T3

In memory of Dad:

We miss you Dad! Though we know you are with mom smiling down on us! Lots of love John and Parker

by John jr. and Parker

In memory of Robert Woods:

In memory of Robert Woods

by Russell Hart

In honor of :

You are loved beyond words, missed beyond measure and forever in our hearts till we meet again.

by Christina Velazquez

In memory of Brendan Tuohy:

May the Lord watch over my son Brendan Tuohy. May God also bless his recipients. Until we meet again dear son.

by Maureen O'Grady-Tuohy

In memory of Lou Lachter:

The littlest giant of a man.

by Louis Dachis

In memory of Kevin Lawson:

After 30 years of loss, the pain is still there but softened by happy memories. My nephew restored health to many people so he lives on in others.

by Aunt Pat

In memory of Erin Kathleen Price:

Miss and love you always.

by Anonymous

In memory of Elaina:

Love and Light Always Elaina!

by Danna Ramirez

In memory of Gary Mende:

With love and memories...

by Gary's work friends

In memory of Barbra Wineman Fletcher:

Live Big, Love Hard, Cause a little trouble ❤️❤️❤️

by Karin Davis

In honor of Lucas C.:

Happy Transplant Anniversary!

by A.Ruby

In memory of Jonathan Mark Souvannalath:

Thon, We all love and miss you so much. You continue to give beyond your passing and we are all so proud of you. Your legacy will continue to live on through the many lives you've touched. May you rest in power. Love always, Your biggest fans, The Souvannalath Family

by Carey Yath

In memory of Aaron:

Well AC, We went for a double-or-nothing round of the competition this year, and we know you were here in spirit, motivating and teasing us about our orbit reduction efforts. You are sorely missed and your memory lives on in so many ways.

by -

In memory of Joey Hessley:

In loving memory of a man, a father that was taken from this world too soon. The gift of life he gave to others is selfless & will never be forgotten. Always pay it forward.

by Brittany Moenich

In memory of Trevor Kemp:

In memory of Trevor, our beautiful son, brother, uncle and friend. Our lives changed forever when you left us. We miss everything about you.....your face, your smile, your laugh, your voice. It is so hard going through life without you. There are no words for how much we love and miss you. Your legacy of love lives on in all of us and also in those that received your gift of life. We will celebrate your life and say your name everyday for the rest of our lives. We carry your heart with us forever.❤️ The family of Trevor Kemp.

by Latrice Kemp

In memory of Roy Irvin Heck III:

You are missed every day. Roy donated 5 organs to 4 people. Heart to Michael Liver to Gerald Kidney/Pancreas to a 46-year female Kidney to a young lady who was 20 at the time. Roy was our hero in life, and he became a hero to others in death.

by Shannon

In memory of Andy Craze:

We miss you lots, dude. <3

by Heidi Metzger

In memory of JIM SMITH:

Jim Smith was a unique individual, a sometimes grumpy on the outside/ sweet on the inside guy. It was a delight to discover this about Jim when we bonded over planning for the Pelican Players Comedy Showcase - He the Sound genius - me director of this new venue. It was wonderful knowing that I could count on Jim was skills and personal support. I will definitely miss Jim!


In honor of Peter:

Peter- Happy Birthday! We are so proud of all you (& Frances) do to keep Jessica's memory alive and to promote the message of organ donation. We love you! Hugs Jen, Craig, Emma and Riley

by Kupczak

In honor of Barbara Koop Lobdell:

In memory of our beloved mother and friend Barbara Lobdell.

by Janice and J Lobdell

In memory of Daniel Scott:

Remembering you fondly, Daniel.

by Darci and Mark Steiner

In memory of Mel Cook:

Happy and good memories of a good man and a friend. Mel, miss you buddy! I want you to know that you were never "Sooner'd" when you missed a putt. I was just having fun. You were always the easiest guy in the world to have fun with...

by Kevin Heling

In honor of Yogi:

Yogi - You will be missed by many! Rest In Peace knowing that your beautiful family will carry in their hearts forever.

by Dumera

In memory of Dr. Pedro Quiroga:

Dr. Pedro Quiroga: A transplant recipient and a very special surgeon, family man, friend and Godfather. Who by example, showed how to help and believe in others. He is dearly missed.

by Lelo Diaz

In memory of Ypgi Dumera:

In loving memory of Yogi Dumera. May God bless him.

by Sujata Sahgal

In honor of Yogi Dumera:

In memory of dear Yogi. We will miss you and will cherish all our memories together.- Raheja Family.

by Surinder, Lucky, Chintak, Priya & Hershey

In memory of Yogi Dumera:

Dear Dumera Family, Please accept our heartfelt condolences. May Yogi's soul rest in peace. May God give your family strength to recover from this loss. Please remember that we love and care about you and will be here for you always.

by Deepa & Manish Sood Sood

In memory of Yogi Dumera:

Our deepest sympathies goes out to Dumera family. May God give them the peace that they seek

by Vikas and Kiran Chopra

In memory of Brett Benner:

A most wonderful student who has taught me so much over the years we have spent together. Our time together has, amazingly, educated many people on the strengths and skills of people with disabilities. Brett was truly a force.

by Jeanne Williams

In memory of Linda Jugo:

In memory of a brave, gracious, and inspiring friend and colleague.

by Maxine Martin

In memory of Shane Tastinger:

Shane gave his body. This opened my eyes.

by M

In memory of Alexandra Barnes:

I ❤ u 4ever my baby you'll be. Miss you huge, you're a hero and always special.

by Judy D Armijo

In memory of Jason Michael Trapp:

Always in my heart.

by Julie Trapp

In honor of All Cornea Donors:

Thank you for all the donors who shared the gift of sight to the blind and visually impaired. I have the honor of working with the people your generosity has touched, and with the eye bankers and surgeons who shepherd your gift from you to your recipients. We are all humbled by the work we're able to do because of you.

by Kevin Corcoran, EBAA

In honor of Adrian Luis Todd:

In honor of my sweet baby Adrian. Not a day goes by that we do not think of you and the type of person you would be today. Holidays have never been quite the same since you have been gone but I know you are looking down on us and your sisters. We miss you so much. Until we meet again baby boy. -Love Mom and Dad

by Stephanie Todd

In honor of William:

Our beautiful baby boy was the most loving wide open 100% in to everything red blooded american boy. The recipient of his heart recieved a gift from Dakota because everyone always talks about how big his heart was. How he loved to give presents and go down to his mamaws and laid his head on her shoulder. There is so much more I could say, but i'm trying hard not to get upset. I Also want to say Thank you Lifeshare

by Chris & Shannon Owenby

In memory of Chris:

Chris. You will be missed. Rest In Peace. Love, LCHS Class of 2003

by Scott

In memory of Jake Ash:

Remember you Jacob Ash and prayers for good health to your donor recipients. May your love of life and incredible kindness for others live on in them. Making a difference #JustforJake

by Deb Kuczora

In honor of Bryan Smith:

In honor of Bryan Smith who received a life saving gift of lungs so that we, his family and friends, might enjoy many more years of his humor and amazing kind heart. We love you Bryan. And in memory of the angel who gave us all this gift. We are forever grateful.

by Dad & Mom

In memory of Eli Bussotti:

In honor of my beautiful boy. Missing your sweet face, wonderful laugh, silly dance moves, and the love that you were always spreading to others. You continue to make me so very proud. What an honor it is to be your mama. I love you, Eli. xo

by Joy Krumenacker

In memory of Vickie:

Thank you and your family for the gift of your heart. After I received your heart as a two-year-old, I have had 22 years of extra life and I am a senior in college. Rest in peace, angel.

by Christian

In memory of Kirk Michael Schoonover:

In Memory of my Son, Kirk Michael Schoonover. Knowing that you love on through others is what helps me get through life without you Son. 💚~Until We Meet Again~💙

by Cindy Eldridge

In memory of Johnston Walker:

Every heartbeat we owe to you, sweet angel. Merry Christmas!

by The Harrison

In memory of Justin Smith:

The legacy of love for others Justin left will live on in all that knew him and those who received his gift of life. Loved beyond words, Missed beyond measure.

by Suzy Smith

In memory of Brian Fleagle:

In loving memory of Uncle Brian. May you fly high our special cardinal in the sky. Love, Mason and Brendan

by Mason and Brendan

In memory of Peter:

In loving memory. You are forever in our hearts.

by Marshall

In memory of Aaron "AC" Brooks:

A monetary donation has been made in loving memory of Aaron "AC" Brooks. His caring spirit and concern for the well-being of others is evident in his willingness to participate in Donate Life's life-saving transplant program and his passing has touched many lives as a result. AC's friends and loved ones continue to participate in the yearly weight loss competition that AC started as an opportunity to promote what he called "orbit reduction". As a facet of the competition, a portion of the winnings is given to Donate Life so that AC's legacy may live on.

by AC's friends and loved ones

In memory of Bill Ramsey:

In memory of a wonderful guy! Rest In Peace.

by Rosemary Fox

In memory of Maddox Slack:

Love you forever and ever

by Nana and Pap

In memory of Jakub Cieslewicz:

Jakub was 24 years young when he was taken from us, but with the help of DonateLife, he is able to live on and help so many more people. Rest in Paradise little brother <3 10/12/1995 - 07/24/2020

by Danielle

In honor of Marina Rae Trapasso:

Without donation my beautiful daughter would not have had her second chance at life. She received her liver transplant 24 years ago. She is an amazing human! Give life - Donate!!!

by Annamarie Trapasso

In memory of James B.:

The Commission will always remember Jay's integrity, dedication, commitment and service to the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport and the City of Savannah. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Blackburn family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time. -Savannah Airport Commission (Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport)

by Savannah Airport Commission

In memory of Joseph M. Cordaro:

We make this gift in honor of Joseph M. Cordaro and the beautiful legacy he has left us in our friends Nick, Sheila, Jaden & Joey. With love from Team Cropper, Yushchak, Franklin, Socknat, Hand, Brennan & Visosky

by Team Cropper, Yushchak, Franklin, Socknat, Hand, Brennan & Visosky


May you rest in peace. We will all remember you and try to model the courage you demonstrated during your transplant and new life thereafter.


In memory of Crew Leach:

In loving memory of hero Crew!

by Sara Lochner

In memory of Ryan Moore:

In celebration of a wonderful, sweet soul who lived life in his own wonderful way. His wisdom to donate his organs allows his legacy to continue and help many others. Rest in Peace Ryan. You are loved.

by Lynne Steinert

In memory of Jerad Conrad Waggener:

Dear Jer-Boy.. It's your 38th Birthday... Happy Birthday Sweetness... cannot believe it has been 10 long years without you sweet face to see.. I think of you always and love you so.. God Bless and Keep you Boney Man! Hugs and many Kisses, Aunt Deb

by Aunt Debbie

In memory of Trisha Kay Grote:

Trish was a wonderful women and respected colleague who was always kind, helpful and fun to be around. She will be greatly missed. Myra and Kurt

by Inside Information Radiology

In honor of Alexander Johnson:

We love you, Alex. Until we see you again...Micki, Megan, Sophie, & Josh

by Micki Rosauer

In memory of Joaquin Ayala:

Our deepest sympathies to a beloved friend, cousin and son. You will be in our hearts and memories forever. Your friends at American Green Fuels & Kolmar Americas

by American Green Fuels & Kolmar Americas

In memory of Neil Spector:

To a good man. Thank you to the donor whose heart enabled him to continue to serve patients tirelessly and generously for 10 more years. Our hears are heavy.

by Janice Lynch Schuster

In honor of Ken Starkey:

Happy 1-Year Liverversary, Chief! What a wonderful 365 days. We love you!

by The Fam!

In memory of Jake Kotin:

Thinking about Jake on what would be his High School Graduation week. You're missed so much by so many this week and always! XOXO The Brotman's

by The Brotman Family

In honor of Mollie Endler:

Peace and love to the Endler family.

by Valerie Donnelly

In honor of Mollie Endler:

Mollie Endler was loved dearly by her family and friends. Her wealth of knowledge, kindness, compassion, creative intuition, and tender heart will be missed by all that knew her. Mollie’s wishes were to be an organ donor, a true testament to her loving and steadfast loyalty to humankind. This donation is made in her honor.

by Sean Pruszkowski & The Grid LLC

In memory of Mike Brodie:

In loving memory of my husband, Mike Brodie. Mike received a lifesaving liver transplant in 2009 and he was waiting for another. Thank you to all donors.

by Kelly Brodie

In memory of Mike Brodie:

In memory of Mike Brodie.

by Diane Bruce

In memory of Glenn R Woxland:

Glenn is our dear brother, who was always loving as much as he was loved, kind, caring, a friend to all. He will forever be missed and loved.

by Wayne and Sharon Woxland

In memory of Linda Carney:

My dear friend Linda received a lung transplant, that gave her life for almost 9 years. What a wonderful gift of love. Thank you. ❤️ Jean

by Jean Grady

In memory of Bill Jordan:

In memory of my husband, Bill Jordan. Bill died on May 25, 2014. His gift of life has saved numerous people, which is what he would have wanted. Bill was my best friend, a wonderful father and a great friend to many. You are missed every day. Love you to the moon.....

by Jutta Jordan

In memory of Corey E Silbaugh:

I am posting in memory of my husband Corey E Silbaugh. He was a loving father and husband and wanted nothing more in life than to help others. He lost his battle with depression on April 25th and even before we knew he was a donor we had decided that was the path he would have wanted to take. It is comforting to know how many lives he will help save. We miss him every day but knowing he is able to give such a precious gift to others, words cannot explain. Thank you to the donation team for taking such amazing care of him. He was such an amazing man, so humble.

by Jessica Silbaugh

In honor of Kris McCallum:

Happy Mother's Day and 24th Kidneyversary, mom! I love you and I'm so grateful for the privilege of being your daughter and your living kidney donor!

by Katy Moyer

In memory of Jordan McBride:

To My Ma - “God had a purpose and plan for my life and that didn’t change. My work was completed when He called my name. I changed lives here, I made a difference there. And the good work He began in me will be known everywhere. Not for my name, my name doesn’t need the light. I wanted to make God famous and do what was right. I know that you love me and I know that you care. I also know you’re doing a good job down there. I know sometimes it’s hard. You miss my big hugs and the big dimple grin. But, just keep living and looking up. It’ll really be grand when I see you again!” Love, Jordan

by JoJo McBride

In memory of Amanda Mitchell Nashawaty:

From Amanda's Clark University Family - we love and miss you!

by Tom Roy

In memory of Amanda Nashawaty:

May the memory of your adventurous spirit live on forever within all whose lives you touched

by Angela

In memory of Dawn Hattig:

Dawn served her country and had had been exposed to asbestos during her service. It caused her lungs to fail and she received a life saving transplant of one lung. Sadly that lung gave out and she passed at a young age. This cause was near and dear to her. She was a loving soul that was not ready to leave this earth. She was grateful of the gift of time she was given. We donated today in her honor and her memory. Rest In Peace Dawn.

by Sonya & Adam Nelson

In memory of Kayla Clark:

Kayla was a VERY special young lady and holds a very special place in our hearts. We will never forget that infectious smile and her kind heart. We love and miss you Kayla. 💞 BE KIND LIKE KAYLA

by Jeff and Becky

In memory of Will Sutherland:

Will, It's my birthday. I wish I was getting a card from you in the mail. I wish we were toasting to our year and dancing in the kitchen together. I am so grateful that you helped so many people being the hero that you are, but I sure miss you and I always will. I love you!

by Tina Repass

In memory of Donovan Callender:

Love and light to the Callender family.

by Liz Polak

In memory of Debra Conant:

In memory of my long time friend Debra. She was a loving and caring person with whom I became friends in our teens in West Hartford, CT. As we all went on to college and married we lost touch from time to time. I did visit her on all my trips back and we had wonderful catch up evenings and visits to her art gallery. She will be missed as she was a very unique person that no one can ever replace. God Bless her grieving family and friends.

by Linda (Williams) Allender

In memory of Sebastian Lucas Churchill:

Sebastian~ I miss you baby! I'm thankful for the 4 years I had with you, but miss you every single day still. I hope I make you proud with how I spread organ donation awareness and support foundations that helped us during your heart warrior journey. Till I see you again! Love always, Mommy

by Liz Churchill

In memory of All organ, eye and tissue donors:

Thank you for your selfless and precious gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation. Your legacy lives on through your generosity.

by Karen

In memory of Gary W. Eichhorst:

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

by Angel - for Ben Eichhorst and his family

In memory of Chalan Taylor:

We love you and miss you, my big sister.

by Fred Vaughn

In honor of Will Walker:

Happy 14th Birthday Will!

by Mary Jo Jewett

In honor of Janice Crago:

This Christmas I have decided to make a contribution to Donate Life in your honor. Thank you so much for all of your help through these last couple of years. I cannot put in words how much your help and support has meant to me. Merry Christmas, Trevor

by Trevor Lawler

In memory of Autumn Compton:

I love you and miss you dearly. Take care of all of us down here punk. Iced coffee year round. Macklemore jammin. Beach napping. Hugs.

by Erin

In memory of Simeon Crowther:

In memory of Simeon Crowther. I had the pleasure of working with him closely at CSULB in the Library. He was a kind man who had an obvious passion for history and honesty. He will be sincerely missed.

by Heather Steele

In memory of Pepper Lane:

In memory of Pepper Lane who is loved by her family and friends

by Fred Tahan

In memory of Timothy Haley:

Miss you dad! This is for you!

by Justyne Haley

In memory of Edward McCormack:

May you rest in peace cousin Eddie! We will miss your smiling face!!!

by Donna Harrower Tompmins

In memory of Justin Dunford:

Rest in peace Justin.

by Tim Wolford

In honor of Gregory Gilliam:

What a wonderful and caring man we have lost today. No surprise that he would go out caring as much as he did while he was here. I celebrate your life Greg with your loved ones.

by Ron Ison

In memory of Will Sutherland:

We miss you and your fun-loving spirit. You saved so many lives as your last gift to the world. RIP dear Will. Love, the Avila Family

by The Avila Family

In memory of Kim Saul:

In remembrance of Kim Saul, a kidney recipient, who lost her battle with kidney disease on July 25, 2019

by Margaret and Lou Wianecki

In memory of Eddie Chitwood:

To Eddie, A teammate, a classmate, a friend always...

by Tom Anderson

In memory of Justice Jennings:

We hope you find comfort in knowing that Justice's heart is still beating through another deserving soul. What an incredible gift to bestow upon another person in need.

by The Lanes & Anthonys

In memory of Bryant Joyner:

Love you son!

by Barry Joyner

In honor of Nicole Antaya:

Nicole Great Job. Congrats on Graduating Quinnipiac.

by Karen & Bruce Gordon

In memory of Darla Koerselman Phillips:

Rest in Peace Darla...your extraordinary Lifes Work here is Done

by Katie, Megan, Kim and Joe Guglielmo

In memory of Rob Legg:

Prayers and Blessings to the Legg family!

by The Curran Clan

In honor of Cait Sharman & Kelly Nestor:

In honor of Cait Sharman and her living donor, Kelly Nestor, as we join with them in celebrating their one-year kidney transplant anniversary! And a Big Shout-Out to their families and friends for all their love & support throughout this extraordinary time! Congratulations to these two exceptional ladies❣️

by Donna & Pete Sharman

In honor of Steph Pusateri:

In honor of Steph Pusateri & her 4 organ donors

by Felix Narog

In memory of Amy Dawn Bane-Reed:

I really am not sure how this works but I will give it my best shot. I never thought in a million years that I would have to use the living will I had been carrying around in my purse since 2011. But the day did come that I had to "let go" of my one and only sibling and baby sister. I never thought that myself and her son would be standing in a hospital room for a week watching her take her last breaths, but the time did come. And no we neither one were truly prepared. I sincerely think my nephew handled saying good-bye well to be so young. I come from a strong family and I had my faith. Don't get me wrong it was tough, especially since my sister had not told my mom her wishes. I guess she left it to me because I would see that she would go on and help someone else have a future. She knew of transplants due to her husband's first cousin receiving a pancreas and liver. He has diabetes and had been having complications that put him on a transplant list. So I think it was an easy decision for her. It just was not so easy for us. Many tears were shed in the hospital, many sleepless nights and sometimes I just wanted to breath for her so much. I knew that it was time to "Let go". So with a heavy heart I followed her into the elevator and said 'Good-Bye" alone that day. Drove two hours home, crying all the way. Do I ever regret following her wishes no, do I miss her, yes. Do I know that she helped someone else, yes. Am I glad to help Mid South Transplant Foundation now, most definitely. I encourage anyone and everyone to consider donating. I know that you as family may be distraught in those moments but it sincerely helps to know that you have helped another family and fellow human being live a full healthier life.

by Melissa Bane

In memory of Todd Hatfield:

In honor of Todd Hatfield and Jim (James) Hodges

by Kevin Hatfield

In memory of Nick Owens:

I miss you so much, Nick! But your memory will live on through us forever!

by Tabitha Slone

In honor of Tony Leonard:

Tony Leonard Your mission in life was as a lifeguard and knowing you’ve since continued that mission is one of the only things that makes sense to me!! Love and miss you every second, Mom 💙 Donate Life America National Organ Donor Day

by Cathy Leonard

In honor of Jeanmarie Roche Hoover:

A little over two years ago you gave me the gift of life once again. Thank you for your kidney and your unconditional love. You, Dad, and Josie are so awesome and I am so grateful for your love and support. This kidney and I will have a great time going through college and beyond.

by Wyatt Hoover

In memory of Jerry Horrocks:

Remembering my sweet husband who put up a good fight. I’ll spend my life encouraging people to donate so that others don’t have to suffer like you did. I love you forever and a day.

by Debbie

In memory of Barbara Musco:

In memory of our friend, Barbara Musco, who fought as a great warrior in the battle against Scleroderma.

by Suzanne & Kevin Ryan

In honor of Lilly Smartelli:

From living kidney donor, to dog wedding planner and author, Lilly's an inspiration on how to live life to the fullest, and how to give back as you go. Congratulations, Lilly, and may you and Bernie enjoy the love forever and ever. Thanks for sharing your story!

by Lisa Spain

In honor of Lilly Smartelli:

Thank you, Lilly, for an incredible lesson in kindness and empathy! May your wedding to Bernie be a day of much joy! Lives will be saved because of you; there are not enough words to thank you.

by Renee Stanley

In honor of Donna Slaton:

Grateful for the liver transplant my friend Donna Finch Slaton recently received at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY and how well she's doing.

by Suzy Heilman

In memory of Michael Dean Padian:

Mike was an extraordinary human being, intelligent, kind, fun-loving and with abundant talent. Because of his donor, he was given extra time to live in the beauties of this earth and share its glory through his art to so many of us. Our family will miss him and cherish him.

by Virginia Gray (Ginger)

In memory of Carolyn Johnson:

She gave the ultimate gift so others could live. Thank you for your gifts and your beautiful soul.

by Kelly Brenno Carpetner

In memory of Kory Jones:

Kory with a "K", may your love kindness, joy and love live on forever! You are dearly missed.

by Dana, Anna & Kirbie

In honor of Steven A Hicks:

My father is in desperate need of a new heart. He was recently implanted with an LVAD as a bridge to hopefully carry him through the waiting period while we pray for this precious gift. Our family, friends, and community have supported us in this more than we could ever imagine with their prayers, assistance, and hard-earned dollars. They have taught me to be a more generous giver and I want to support others who are on this same uncertain journey.

by Alan Hicks

In honor of Steve Roach:

In Honor of my brother Steve Roach, I would like to thank the family of the donor who gave my brother life through a lung transplant. He is a wonderful, sweet Husband, Son, Brother, Father and the role he enjoys most, Papa. He is doing well and I encourage everyone to register as an Organ Donor. Thank you for Life!

by Brenda Nicholson

In honor of Jeff Handwerk:

Our paths never crossed but our lives will always be connected. We never spoke but I hear you every day, beating in my chest. Forever in your debt for the most precious gift, the gift of life.

by Tina Medina

In memory of Tony Brown:

Tony, As with most things you did in life, your decision to be an organ and tissue donor makes us very proud. While you certainly never expected to be a donor so soon, you made a selfless decision to help others live even though your life was being cut short. This is the kind of young man that you were and we are so proud that you were our son. Words can not express how much we miss you and all the things we are going to miss doing with you, but your decision is allowing other families to experience what we can not. We can not think of a better legacy to reflect your life. Love Always, Mom and Dad.

by Jim and Jeannette Brown

In memory of Paul Kirdahy:

Sorry to see you go, and so soon. The world will miss you!

by David Kirdahy

In memory of Scott Young:

In memory of Coach Scott Young

by Mark

In memory of Laura Roeder:

Our love and prayers goes out to Charlie & Marci. May Laura’s memory be magnified by the lives she touched.

by CCV Neighborhood Group

In memory of Eli Bussotti:

My sweet Eli-You continue to bright such light to this world. I am so proud to be your mom. I love you forever, far beyond the moon and stars.

by Joy Krumenacker

In memory of Jim Pederson:

Missing you this 2nd Christmas, but know many others have a blessed holiday because of our loss.

by Your Family

In honor of David Sandlin:

Your gift of life continues to bless lives everyday! Thank you for sharing your message of HOPE everywhere! You are loved.

by Karen Sandlin

In memory of Aunt Karen:

I love and miss you. Thank you for always inspiring me here on earth and after. Continue watching over me and the family. Love always, your Angelpie

by Deana Marie

In honor of Quentin Dachis:

Honoring this amazing little boy that gave life to so many.

by Louis Dachis

In memory of Aaron Luoma:

At this special time of year we remember our son, Aaron, who died too soon.

by John & Gracia Luoma

In memory of Collin Conedy:

In Loving Memory of Our Son Collin Bernard Conedy Absent from the body, present with the Lord; Forever in our Hearts Until we meet again.

by Clifford B. Conedy & Janis Walker-Fields

In memory of Timothy Louis Fowler:

When we met Tim in a CTE Christmas party at Tim and Debra's home, we found that Tim was a very kind and sweet husband helping Debra prepare yummy foods for the guests. We are deeply saddened by this sad news. We truly believe Tim will become one of the most beautiful stars in the heavens. May Tim rest in peace.

by Nick Chang

In memory of Timothy Louis Fowler:

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Gary & Sieb

by Gary & Siebrigje Booth

In memory of Dean Floyd:

Dear Sharon and family, Praying our gracious God to wrap His strong arms of comfort around you. Love, Amy & Andy

by Amy & Andy

In honor of Patty Carey:

Happy 60th Birthday bestest friend in the whole world! You are an amazing person, and friend! Lots of years behind us and may you be blessed with lots more fun and happy years! I am glad I could be there for both of your kidney transplants! God does do miracles! Love you!

by Betty T

In memory of Katie Zupkoff:

You inspire me every day. Simply Amazing <3

by Marilyn Zupkoff

In memory of David Bossard:

Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy An Eskimo Legend

by Vicki Mueller

In honor of Bobby Iwanejko:

In memory of my sweet brother. His beautiful soul will never be forgotten. Forever my hero. Forever my angel. Love you always. Until we meet again...

by Priscilla Masello

In honor of Steven Levitin:

In loving memory of my dear father. The biggest smile, the loudest laugh, and the warmest heart. You are deeply missed every day. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the gift of life for an extra 9 years. I know you are smiling down on me (and all of us) from over the rainbow.

by Hilary Levitin

In honor of Lisa Best:

Thanks for an AWESOME wedding present, your health!

by Michael and Amanda

In memory of Nina Kristine Adasiewicz:

Donate life!

by Judith Piper

In honor of Vinny:

We love you, Vin!

by Ally & Matt

In memory of Hunky Verdier:

Our condolences on the passing of your brother.

by SARCC Board, Councils, & Staff

In memory of Anthony Cucchiara:

In memory of my brother-in-law, Anthony Cucchiara. He will be greatly missed.

by Franco Scardino

In honor of John Abely:

We were very moved by Billy Abely's tribute to his brother Johnnie. We also enjoyed speaking with Johnny's friends. He was a wonderful soul and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

by Ted and Terry Curtin

In memory of John Patrick Abely:

With heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

by The Hundred Club of Mass., Inc.

In honor of Anthony Cucchiara:

Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. Love and prayers to the entire Cucchiara family.

by DiVeglio Family

In honor of Anthony Cucchiara:

Sending our love and condolences.

by Angelo & Grace Aquilino

In memory of Frances Cofane:

Dear Aimee and Family, May your memories comfort you at this time of sadness. With our deepest sympathies, Mary, Steven and Ashley

by The Bishop Family

In memory of Nancie Bokesch:

In loving memory of Nancie Bokesch

by The Lawrence Family

In honor of John Patrick Abely:

We first met John when he was in high school. That young man could talk about anything! His love of music was clear as was his love of family, especially his little nieces. We know he is pain free and at peace now.

by The Bishops, Peters, Garrisons, Clutters, & Deane-Edges

In honor of Lawrence Valdez:

Chris and Family, Our hearts are saddened by your loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Peebles Prosthetics Inc

by Mandi

In memory of Natalie Knowlton:

Natalie as a recipient represented the transplant community with love, kindness, gratitude and generosity. A beautiful soul. She will not be forgotten.

by Cynthia

In memory of Doug Whalen:

You changed the direction of my life when you hired me. I will always be grateful.

by Rob & Virginia Schwalen

In honor of Gino:

For all you went through you came out stronger than ever. We Love You!

by Mom and Chelsea

In honor of Marivel:

Happy re-birthday Marivel! So glad you are the fighter you are!

by Eileen

In honor of Agnes Sinisgalli:

Life moves on, but memories don't. You may have gone away but our friendship is right here... in my heart. I will miss you Aggie!

by Terry Orlando

In memory of Eileen Deloretto:

Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed.

by Al Piccirillo

In memory of Nicholas Pica:

In memory of a true hero who's selfless actions on earth enabled others to find new life. May he find solace in heaven.

by Karen and Jamie Loeb

In memory of Nicholas Pica:

Thank you for your gift of life.

by Cathy and Richie Tuttle

In memory of F. Wayne Kaiser:

With deepest sympathy for his family's loss.

by Anne Sutherland

In honor of Tyler Bradley-Manning:

You are strong and we know you will continue this fight and will win.

by Edson, Amy and girls

In memory of George Kiraly:

RIP George Kiraly you are loved by so many and made a big impact on so many people in your short time on this earth. There will be a empty spot in all of our hearts and we'll miss that smile. Your family and friends will miss you dearly but know you are still looking over your wife Carey and your beautiful little girl Ellie. Love your Oklahoma Cousins

by Cheek Sisters from Oklahoma

In honor of Lydia Hope Jones:

In honor of your birthday Lydia. Happy birthday Lydia!! We love you! Have a great day. Dewayne, Debbie & Katie

by Debbie Blankenship

In honor of Meredith Haga Fox:

Meredith was an inspiration to all who met her. We give this donation in her honor and ask that her legacy be #signupsavelives #donatelife

by The James Family

In memory of Paul Levitt:

12 years ago today, I was proud to be a living donor and donate my kidney to my father. May you Rest In Peace Dad, I love You.

by Randy Levitt

In honor of Kathy N.:

Blessings to your donor and donor’s family. You are living a life of kindness and love and making a positive impact on this earth. Happy 10 year new birthday to you and your liver.

by NFG

In honor of Elise Campbell:

So proud of the way you cherish your gift of life from your donor Mandy by living each day to the fullest in a healthy and loving way. Love and Blessings.

by Mom and Dad

In memory of Joyce Brownfield:

Our deepest sympathies. Sending our love.

by The Tracy Family

In memory of Jim Foxall:

This world wont be the same without you. I’ll make sure our daughter knows the amazing heart you had and your unwavering love and adoration for her, your huge sense of humor, love for family and your amazing gift of cooking; which she inherited from you. God bless and keep you.. We miss you dearly.

by Mary Ann

In memory of Damon Corwine & Grace Sutter:

Two special people who gave very special gifts through organ, tissue, and eye donation. We celebrate your legacy, think of you often, and miss you with all our hearts.

by Sarah Dolezal

In memory of John Montgomery:

In loving memory of John Montgomery and in honor of his wife, Harriet Montgomery.

by the Webb family

In memory of Mark Bradley:

In memory of Mark Bradley

by Jerry and Loren Gialanella

In memory of Mark Bradley:

Mark was given another chance at life that meant a lifetime of love and memories to his daughter and our most dear friend Caitlyn. We are privileged to have witnessed the impact.

by Alicia and Frankie Jones

In memory of Steven Beech:

Steve was one-of-a-kind. I’m blessed to have known him and am inspired by his commitment to organ donation.

by Carrie Shanks

In honor of Scott Santana:

Scott - you lived life abundantly and shared life abundantly when you died. You are loved and remembered daily!

by Mom and Dad

In honor of Jerry Rosenblatt:

We love you Gramps! Happy father's day!

by Russell Rosenblatt

In memory of Bill Murray:

Thank you for speaking for those who can not speak and fighting for those who cannot fight. You are forever in our hearts, Bob Bob. We love and miss your smile.

by B & H Sachs

In memory of Sue McInnes:

Big Heart and never ending smile will be missed. Love you cousin.

by K&R, D&G

In memory of Bryce Louis Mongillo:

May memories of Bryce spur on everyone he touched to be a donor.

by The Saver Family

In memory of Susan McInnes:

In Memory of Susan McInnes

by The Lark Family

In memory of David Rogers:

Always in our hearts.

by Caitlyn Bernabucci

In memory of Sue McInnes:

In loving memory of Sue. We will never forget her smile and her laugh. She will be missed.

by Karen, Robert, Dave, Grace

In memory of Bryce Mongillo:

Given in memory of Bryce Mongillo. <3

by Paul and Rachel Eisenmann

In memory of Eileem DeLoreto:

Eileen, a beautiful woman who did much, meant well and loved all. She will be deeply missed.

by Joe & Linda G

In memory of Paul Meigs:

Paul became the recipient of a kidney donation in 1993. Since that milestone he became an advocate for organ donations. He will be greatly missed.

by Dan, Laura, and Kyla King

In memory of Jacob Savage:

You didn’t get your liver but you did get your angel wings!! Your are missed everyday by your parents your brothers, your family and your church family!

by Deb Mckeever

In honor of Jim Pederson:

Our dear colleague Jim was among the most unique, delightfully infectious people we ever had the privilege of befriending. He had the widest, brightest smile, with the loudest and most hilarious laugh of which he shared most generously. He feared nothing, and loved most everything with unmatched zest and vigor. Jim's passing has filled so many communities of moped enthusiasts throughout this nation with intense emotional reflections during this past year, yet we feel so incredibly blessed to have realized such bright, euphoric love of life through his presence. It brings a relief of comfort to know that contributions of Jim’s untimely passing have been instrumental in extending and enriching the lives of others; those that we may never know as well as those we love so dearly. In a sense, Jim lives on in them and through us — its just the way he was, and still is. We are all enriched, enhanced and a bit better in this world for Jim’s part in it. That’s why we call him Moped Taco.

by Moped Riders of Omaha

In honor of Janice Crago:

Happy Mothers Day, we love you!

by Audrey, Leah and Joe

In memory of Peter Devenny:

I wish that heart transplant had been further along when you needed one. I am honored to work in the organ, eye and tissue donation field to promote this lifesaving cause!

by Melissa Devenny

In memory of Laurie Fitzgerald:

Thanks to Laurie's generosity I am now living and well. She gave me a new life and made me a better person. I will always be grateful to her and her family who became part of my life as well. May God Bless them all.

by Jose D. Rodriguez

In honor of Jack:

Stay Strong

by Milford Indians High School Hockey Team

In memory of Joshy and Pooty:

We Love you xo

by Tosha and Kim

In memory of Sue Teal:

My mother was a double lung transplant recipient back in 2014. From that moment on, she and my whole family became advocates for organ transplant. Unfortunately an infection took over and she lost her battle last year. We are ever so grateful to the donor's family for the selfless gift they made in the face of a horrific situation. We got 3 years more with her then she would have had. We miss my mom very much and will carry on her mission for our family friends to become organ donors.

by Melissa Canfield

In honor of John Davidson:

So happy to have had almost 10 more years thanks to your donor and his family. So many things we've been able to enjoy...3 grandchildren; our soon to be 50th anniversary and many more memories. Love you.

by Anne

In memory of Libby Hankins:

Live like Libby-Love like Libby

by Sheridan Galyon

In memory of Shelley Langer-Rifkin:

We have wonderful memories.

by Gail & Bob Shor

In memory of Nicholas Knoff:

To those who can once again see the beauty of another day may God Bless you!

by Lisa Gomez

In memory of Brody Harris Post:

We miss you, Brody, and love you always.

by The Post Garbrecht Family

In memory of Corey Burns:

Thank you for showing us all how to live life in the face of great adversity.

by David and Lucille Wall

In memory of Kathleen Sullivan:

In memory of your incredible spirit of generosity and compassion.

by Hilary

In honor of Nyliyah:

Nothing but the best for Nyliyah!

by Jocelyn

In memory of Derrick Ray Rose:

In memory of my beloved son, Derrick Ray Rose, left us in Sept. 2010 but took a piece of our hearts with him. He saved 6 lives by being an organ donor! He is my hero!

by Kathy L Richards

In honor of Jen Armstrong:

Jen Armstrong is our hero!

by Truitte family

In honor of John Groothuis:

We are happy to have you around thanks to the amazing family of Bobby.

by Mark and Carol

In memory of Ed Ledvina:

Three years ago today, I suddenly lost my father. I would like to honor his memory by donating to Donate Life America, as we were able to donate his corneas after he had passed. Life without him has been trying to say the least, but I keep him with me in everything I do. I will do what I can today to honor the hardest working man I have ever met, and it begins with a donation in hopes that a life could be saved.

by Laura Ledvina

In honor of John David Woerner:

You are my hero and you will be missed but never forgotten!

by Danielle Regan

In memory of Lisa:

Lisa will be greatly missed by all. We are so sorry for your loss! You are all in our prayers.

by Nancy (Calhoun) & Eric Pouliquen Family