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Vince, cornea recipient

Cornea recipient Vince had 20/20 vision as a child, but that changed when he turned 18. His eyesight began deteriorating rapidly in college, earning him the nickname “Squints” because of his constantly squinting to see things. By age 22, Vince’s vision had worsened to the point that he was having difficulty reading road signs and could not see the ball while golfing or playing softball. Vince’s ophthalmologist informed him that corrective lenses would not be able to provide the help he needed. A double corneal transplant was Vince’s best hope.

Vince received his double corneal transplant thanks to the generosity of a cornea donor. The transplant surgeries were successful, and Vince was amazed to have his vision back. The impact of seeing again ended up being life-changing for Vince. Feeling like he had been given super powers, Vince was ready to make the most of his gift of sight.

A new chapter as a cornea recipient

Being able to see the details of life once again, it became clear to Vince that he was ready to pursue his dream career and become a barber. Since his corneal transplants, Vince has opened two barbershops, with a third in the works. Best of all, Vince is able to coach his son’s baseball team — something that would have been impossible without his donor.

Recognizing the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation, Vince is a registered donor himself. He hopes to one day be able to provide life-changing and healing opportunities to others, just like the one he was given.

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