Todd, Liver Recipient

Jaundiced from birth, Todd was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening liver disease when he was just six months old. Todd’s bile ducts were not functioning, which prevented his body from processing food, and he developed many serious medical complications as a result. During his first months of life, Todd traveled back and forth to countless doctors appointments with his parents, Chris and Roxy, who were filled with worry for their infant son. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, they received the heartbreaking news that no parents want to hear: Todd’s health was not improving, and he was too sick to return home. A new liver was Todd’s only hope to live.

Liver Recipient - Todd (Before)Todd was admitted to the hospital and put on the transplant waiting list. Chris and Roxy both took a leave of absence from their teaching jobs in order to stay near Todd. Then, the only thing left to do was wait while they watched their son’s condition rapidly worsen. After two tense months, at eight months old, Todd got his chance at life through a transplanted liver from a matching donor — and his parents got a chance to see their ill baby grow into a healthy boy.

Today, you would never know that Todd had ever been sick. He is a happy, energetic fifth grader and big brother who loves to read, golf and play basketball. Recently, Todd took his athleticism to the next level while competing in the 2016 Donate Life Transplant Games in Cleveland, Ohio, winning multiple medals and showcasing what his donor made possible. He and his family have become active donation advocates, spreading the word about how registering your decision to be a donor saves and heals lives.

For Chris and Roxy, Todd’s progress over the last ten years is nothing short of remarkable. Each day, when they see Todd’s smiling face, jovial personality and willingness to help others, they know that he is not only representing himself, but also his donor.