Stories of Hope

See how organ, eye and tissue donation has healed lives.

Shantel, liver recipient

Shantel was born with biliary atresia, a chronic liver disease. Because Shantel’s liver was not functioning properly, doctors gave her family the heartbreaking news that she had just two years to live. A liver transplant was Shantel’s only hope. Shortly after her diagnosis, Shantel was placed on the national transplant waiting list. She received her chance at life 10 months later, when a matching liver was donated.


The surgery was a success, and Shantel is now thriving. The youngest child in a family of six, Shantel says her donor’s gift has allowed her to grow up, follow her passion for singing and help promote the need for more organ donors. She hopes to have an opportunity to meet her donor’s family one day and express her appreciation in person.

“I thank the donor family who cared enough to give the gift of life from their special loved one,” says Shantel’s mother Alicia. “Deep down in my family’s heart, we know there are not enough words of gratitude.”

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