Stories of Hope

See how organ, eye and tissue donation has healed lives.

June, living kidney donor

When June donated a kidney to her brother, her mission was simply to save his life. Quite unexpectedly, the living donation experience ended up making a tremendous impact on June’s life as well — giving her a new sense of purpose and the determination to make the most of each day.

June’s brother Brian was only 10 when his kidneys suddenly began failing, leaving him very sick and needing a donated kidney. Their father was able to be Brian’s living donor, and a successful kidney transplant gave Brian a chance to grow up. Unfortunately, Brian found himself in kidney failure once again after 15 healthy years. Dependent on dialysis with a new kidney as his only hope for returning to a healthy life, June was a match and ready to help.

The kidney transplant resulted in Brian’s feeling much better, and June feeling deeply inspired. In fact, June found that her living donor experience completely transformed her life, instilling her with a new sense of purpose as an organ, eye and tissue donation advocate. An elementary school teacher by trade, June was ready to start educating people outside of the classroom as well. She began volunteering for the cause, participating in donation and transplantation events, talking to everyone she could about her family’s story, and actively promoting the lifesaving and healing impact donation can make.

June’s gift of a second kidney, gave Brian and his family nearly another decade together, and June has embraced a healthier lifestyle. She created a “bucket list” of things to do, most of which she has since accomplished. From writing a book, traveling and swimming with dolphins, to skydiving, bungee jumping and running marathons, June is living life to the fullest because she knows just how precious life is.

“Organ donation helped my brother,” said June, “By advocating for donation, I am helping others — and keeping Brian’s memory alive.”

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