Stories of Hope

See how organ, eye and tissue donation has healed lives.

Imran, tissue recipient

Life was a charm for Imran. His two children brought him hope and joy, and he had a passion for his career in information technology. And as practicing Muslim, he was taught to believe in Allah and be charitable to others.

About four years ago, though, Imran’s life changed forever. More than 90 percent of his body suffered third degree burns in a house fire. Imran was placed in a coma for two months and endured over fifty-six surgeries. Due to the extent and intensity of his excruciating burns, donated tissue was used to save his life and heal his wounds.

After six months in the hospital, Imran was released to begin his long road to recovery at home. He likened himself to a newborn, having to adjust to his new life and relearn many basic functions.

Through his faith and determination, Imran was eventually able to regain physical and mental stability. “It is Allah who has given me a new life,” says Imran, “It is He who has provided for my survival through the charity of a person who gave me what I needed.” With recovery came a drive to help others recovering from severe trauma, an activity he deems his biggest achievement.

Imran is forever thankful to his donors for giving him a renewed life and mission. “Our donors are the Magi, God’s angels,” he says, “arriving at our bedside with their selfless, lifesaving gifts. They are the ultimate lifesavers, the angels of giving.”

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