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Carey and Alisa, deceased donor and sister

Alisa Remembers Her Brother and His Lasting Legacy

Carey had just turned 21 and was attending college with dreams of pursuing a career in music, when his life ended suddenly as the result of a random act of violence. In his passing, Carey was able to help others live through the gift of donation. His decision to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor brought comfort to Carey’s family in a time of great sorrow — ultimately inspiring them and many others to register as donors too.

Carey was the definition of a well-rounded person. An exceptional athlete, he excelled as a diver, basketball player, football player and record-setting swimmer. When he was not playing sports, Carey’s highly creative side would shine. He was a gifted photographer, musician and a poet, who taught himself to play the bass guitar and turned his poems into songs. Compassionate, charismatic and possessing a terrific sense of humor, Carey was the kind of person that countless people considered to be a “best friend.” True to his nature, at 16, Carey did not hesitate to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor upon getting his first driver’s license.

Just five years later, Carey’s bright life was tragically cut short by a gunshot wound. He donated organs to four people in need — including giving kidneys to two members of his family’s church through directed donation. Witnessing the positive impact of donation, especially within their community, Carey’s decision persuaded his sister Alisa and many other members of his family to also become registered donors. Today, Alisa is a staunch advocate for donation.

“Carey’s gift has become an important legacy. It’s a tangible act that symbolizes the way he lived his life — inspiring and encouraging all around him to be the best version of themselves,” said Alisa adding, “Shine your light… then pass it on. You just might be saving the life of someone closer to you than you think.”

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