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Brandi, donor

Brandi had a smile that brightened every room and a warm personality to match. Listening to music, camping in the mountains and being at the beach were just a few of the many things she enjoyed. Generous by nature, Brandi was a true friend to those lucky enough to know her, giving freely to others any way that she could, and always seeking new opportunities to help those in need. Sadly, a tragic car crash brought an end to Brandi’s life too soon.

It had been a priority for Brandi to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor when she turned 18 and, as soon as she could, she visited the driver’s license bureau to have the donor designation added to her license. Brandi had made up her mind about donation when she was just six years old, after asking her father, Gilbert, why he had a pink sticker that said “Donor” on his own license.

“When I explained to Brandi that it meant giving my organs to others who were sick and needed them after I died, she smiled and said that she wanted to be a donor, too,” recalled Gilbert. “From that early age, maturing into a beautiful young adult, Brandi let it be known that she was a donor.”

In her passing, Brandi was able to give the gift of life to five organ recipients and their families. Her donation was a source of great comfort to Gilbert because he knew how much giving to others meant to Brandi. He is a staunch donation advocate and firmly believes that everyone should make the same decision and register.
“Being a donor is what it is all about — giving back. It is the ultimate selfless act,” said Gilbert adding, “Brandi would have been so proud of her donation to humanity.”

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