Stories of Hope

See how organ, eye and tissue donation has healed lives.

Yolanda, cornea recipient

Yolanda was in her early 20s when she started losing her vision. Her eyesight continued to worsen, and she was eventually diagnosed with glaucoma, a condition that can lead to total blindness. At the age of 25, Yolanda’s situation had become so dire that she underwent emergency surgery to try and save her sight.


Unfortunately, the surgery did not help. Yolanda was forced to quit her job as a medical transcriptionist at a local hospital, and she started drifting into depression. She refused to let her debilitating condition keep her down for long, however. Yolanda had several more eye surgeries and connected with the Commission for the Blind in her community, which helped her to become more self-sufficient, enabling her to work part-time and volunteer at her church. Yolanda eventually received the news that a cornea transplant on her right eye was her only hope for restoring her eyesight.

“I prayed and consulted with prayer warriors in my church,” said Yolanda. “I kept this verse in my prayer, Jeremiah 30:17, ‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.’”

Today, Yolanda is seeing the world again — but in a new way. She says that her corneal transplant is the best gift she has ever received. She is thankful for the support from her transplant surgeon and her local eye bank throughout her transplantation journey, and she is thankful for her faith in God. Above all else, Yolanda is grateful to her donor for giving her sight and the ability to live a life full of possibilities instead of limitations.


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