My Mom is Having Surgery – A Kidney Story

My Mom is Having Surgery

“Kailey is worried and scared because her mom is about to have surgery. Come join Kailey in her journey where she finds out if surgery is safe, and how her mom gives a special gift of saving another mom’s life!”

One dollar from every book sold will go to Donate Life America.

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“What an important story to tell.  I, myself, have donated stem cells to help cure my brother’s cancer and when my father unexpectedly passed away he also donated his body to help others.  I think that stories about organ donation are not shared nearly enough.  I think that this is a worth while story to be shared with many other people across all platforms.  I found it to be heartwarming and to capture the best part of humanity…the giving spirit!  4.5 stars” – Mrs. Mommy Booknerd (Click here for more information)

“My Mom Is Having Surgery” is a child -friendly true story about a woman’s donation of a kidney to another mom, told from the viewpoint of her daughter, Kailey. In explaining her choice to her daughter who is worried and fearful for her, the kidney donor explained: “I know in my heart I am meant to do this, and I want to help someone by doing what I hope someone would do for me or my family.” Kailey is reassured by her mother’s words plus the information that her doctors are especially trained, highly competent medical professionals, whose job it is to take excellent care of her and restore her to health without excessive pain. Kailey and her brother Kyle are further comforted by their Grandmother and Father during her mother’s surgery and recovery at the hospital. After the surgery, her mom is taken to a recovery room, then to her hospital room where Kailey and Kyle can visit. They are surprised to see that her mom is still sleeping, but her nurse explained that this is quite normal, and that her mom will need to rest and recover and sleep a lot in the next few weeks to heal from the kidney surgery. Finally Kailey’s mom is ready to come home after four days in the hospital. Kailey and Kyle understand they will need to do more chores at home and help her mom during her home recovery from the kidney removal, which is considered major surgery. Although it was scary for the children, they realized that their mom had done a truly great thing in donating her kidney to another mom of a friend of theirs. They were proud of their mom for being a hero. “My Mom Is Having Surgery: A Kidney Story” is an excellent example of medical biography for juveniles, with good information and realistic reassurance for children facing a loved one’s major surgery. It should be noted that a donation of, $1 per book sold goes to Donate Life America, an organization which increases awareness for organ donation.” – (Click here for more information)

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you. My son was having a hard time with me donating a kidney. He’s 4 and started acting up at school and just really not being the sweet boy I know. So I bought your book off of amazon and it struck this cord in him. We read it probably 50 times prior to surgery on 12/28 and it completely changed his perspective. Thank you for writing the books you do. They really are wonderful!” Kristi – Living Donor

Brenda E. Cortez

Brenda is a living kidney donor and children’s book author, who has a passion for helping others. She was inspired to write her first book, My Mom is Having Surgery, after her daughter centered her college entrance essay around Brenda’s donation and the inspiration she felt from it. Brenda is now a strong advocate for living donation awareness. Because of this advocacy and her passion for helping others, Brenda came up with the slogan, HOWL: Help Others with Love.

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