Donate Life Education Assessment

Since 1994, the Donate Life Education Assessment has funded a large proportion of all Donate Life America programs and activities. It serves as a mechanism for all members of the donation and transplantation community to pool their resources and present a unified, national voice to the American public, motivating them to Donate Life℠. Please contact Casey Watkins with any questions.

The Donate Life Education Assessment invoices are sent out each year in the beginning of September.

What do funds collected through the Donate Life Education Assessment make possible?

  • Motivating 170 million Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors.
  • Management and promotion of the Donate Life brand.
  • Management of the mobile-friendly National Donate Life Registry,, with thousands of registrations daily – 7.5 million total.
  • Development of the National Donate Life Living Donor Registry with financial support from Fresenius Medical Care Foundation.
  • Partnering with technology leaders like Apple Inc. to bring donation registration to smart phones.
  • Development and execution of a national marketing campaign to reach multicultural communities and Gen Z
  • A new living donation toolkit.
  • New quarterly data reports with online access and interactivity, data visualization and trend identification.
  • Connecting the Donate Life Community through meetings, free webinars and the sharing of best practices.
  • Management of the Donate Life America Community Site,
  • National initiatives like Flags Across America.
  • Research on public attitudes towards donation.
  • Development of promotional materials, brochures, posters, etc.
  • Management of the public facing Donate Life America Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages with over 300,000 followers combined.
  • National public website (, with over 1,000,000 visitors yearly.
  • Tool kits for National Observances like National Donate Life Month, National Minority Donor Awareness Month, and National DMV Appreciation Month.
  • Licensing of two promotional vendors to offer Donate Life branded merchandise at bulk prices.

On what is the assessment amount based? (2021/2022 Assessment Fees)

Transplant centers = Number of transplants performed
<25         $1,190
25-75      $2,320
76-150    $3,620
>150       $4,900

OPOs = Population served
<2.5 million     $2,875
2.5-5 million    $5,800
>5 million         $8,600

Independent histocompatibility labs = Total cadaver kidney transplants
<50          $800
50-150     $1,500
>150         $2,215

How does the work of Donate Life America and the Education Assessment benefit my organization?

  • Collective activity and national branding leads to growing support for donation.
  • Increasing donor designation in high-functioning registries serves as authorization for donation.
  • Earlier authorization maximizes organs per donor and the number of resulting transplants.

Specifically, what does my organization “get” for paying the assessment?

  • Your support of the Donate Life Education Assessment is a statement to the patients and community you serve of your organization’s commitment to helping the more than 100,000 Americans waiting today.
  • Continued access to and use of the Donate Life brand, promotional products and educational materials.
  • Free webinars, resources and opportunities to network and share best practices through
  • Direct access to donor designation data, news releases and exclusive research reports.
  • Valuable outreach programs and materials for use in your organization and your communities.
  • The list of all institutions that have paid the Donate Life Education Assessment are listed on and in the Donate Life America Annual Update.
  • Payment of the assessment is also a sign to your colleagues across the country of your leadership in increasing the number of organ, eye and tissue donors.

Thank you to the organizations who have supported the Donate Life Education Assessment:

2021/2022 Donate Life Education Assessment Supporters

2020/2021 Donate Life Education Assessment Supporters

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Please contact Casey Watkins with any questions.