Registering to be an Organ Donor at the DMV

There are lots of ways to register your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor! At the DMV, through your iPhone Health App, at, or right here on our website.

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More than 90% of individuals surveyed across the country stated that they registered their donation decision through their local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). 

DMV and Driver License Partner staff are the people on the front lines of service who have helped 165 million people across the country to register their decision to be a deceased organ, eye and tissue donor.

Organ Donor Drivers License


DMV offices across the country offer the donor registration opportunity.

DMV Organ Registrations


of donor registrations come through the DMV.

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What’s the difference between registering online vs. at the DMV?

There are state donor registries and the National Donate Life Registry. When you register at the DMV, you are registering in your state donor registry. 

Your state donor registry can be found by contacting your Donate Life State Team.

Both your state donor registry and the National Donate Life Registry are checked by donation professionals at the time of your death. Your most recent donor registration is honored as the legal document of gift. You can access your National Donate Life Registry registration anytime at


September is National DMV Appreciation Month

National DMV Appreciation Month was created by Donate Life America in 2016 to recognize DMVs and Driver License Partners for their commitment to the Donate Life mission. It is a time for the Donate Life Community to say thank you and show its appreciation of DMV partners across the country through national and local events and outreach.


DLA DMV Awards 

Each year, DLA recognizes the dedication of DMV staff and offices through regional and national awards presented locally and at American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Conferences across the country. Learn more about the DLA DMV Awards.

DMVs Help Save Lives

Lukas was funny and smart, and he loved history, books and music. In college, he majored in Mechanical Engineering, which was the perfect next step for a young man who had always enjoyed taking things apart to see what made them tick. In his teens, Lukas visited with residents at the nursing home where his mother worked. This kind of compassion for others wasn’t a surprise to anyone who knew him.

Lukas had been only 8 years old when he announced to his family that he wanted to sign up to be an organ donor. And, he did. Not long after he turned 15 ½, Lukas applied for his temporary driver’s license and checked the box to join his state’s organ, eye and tissue donor registry. A few weeks before Christmas, at the age of 18, Lukas died in a fatal accident. For eight transplant recipients, his decision to register became the gift of life – and of time – that holiday season. The man who received Lukas’ liver said his transplant allowed him to “make it to Christmas Eve” and beyond, something he once thought impossible. The other gift Lukas gave that Christmas was to his family. His mother, Lynn said, “We are proud of Lukas and his legacy he left behind. I never want anyone to see his story and focus on the storm. I want them to see the beautiful rainbow he left after that storm for so many to admire and love.” By sharing his donation decision with them, Lukas gave his family the peace that comes with knowing, without a doubt, that their son chose to make his final moments on earth truly heroic.

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Registration takes less than a minute.

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